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About This Site

This site is my playground, where I get wild and zany. It is also my garden, where I nurture projects over time. Here I have published translations, articles, blog posts, and videogames; rallied my friends to create art; and promoted books and projects/people.

About Me

Ha, ha, and ha again! What could you possibly want to know that you can’t puzzle out by reading the home page?

A biography, you say? A description of myself? Very well.


I am a linguist, comedian, writer, poet, programmer, Dungeon Master, translator, game designer, researcher, and daydreamer. You can contact me . The confident are also invited to try an alternate method:

  1. Write what you wish to say on a piece of paper.
  2. Stare hard at the piece of paper.
  3. Await my telepathic response.



See “About This Site”.


Right now, before your very eyes. There’s no time to waste: surf to the home page!


In California, within the hollow interior of a fuschia pyramid 150 feet wide at the base. The top of the pyramid has been truncated to form the Surface Square. A lockable hatch installed on the Surface Square protects the ladder to the living complex below.


Option 1: see “About This Site”.

Option 2: My SEO expert has advised me to blither at length until this website gets tired of me, packs its bags, and leaves – at which point I can shoot it in the back.


I subsist entirely on the agricultural products of a meat bush.