About This Site

This is my zone on the Web. It’s one part a playground where I can get wild and zany, and one part a garden in which I tend and grow creations over months and years. Here I publish translations, articles, blog posts, and videogames; rally my friends to create art; and promote books and projects/people which I think are worth checking out.

About Me

Ha, ha, and ha again! What could you possibly want to know that you can’t puzzle out by reading the home page?

A biography, you say? A description of myself? Very well. This section shall also serve as the FAQ, Site Explainer, Visitor Guidebook, and Tourist Pamphlet.


No need to share details here, I think. If you’re really curious, you can , or (less quickly) by Webmentioning this page. The confident are also invited to try an alternate method:

  1. Write down what you intend to say on a piece of paper.
  2. Stare hard at the piece of paper.
  3. Await my telepathic response.



See above.


Right now, before your very eyes. There’s no time to waste: surf to the home page!


In a West Coast United State, within the hollow interior of a fuschia pyramid 150 feet wide at the base. The top of the pyramid is not pointy, but rather has been truncated to form the Surface Square. A lockable hatch installed on the Surface Square is the only method of ingress and egress; it protects the ladder to the living complex below.


Option 1: see above.

Option 2: My SEO expert has advised me to blither at length until this website gets tired of me, packs its bags, and leaves – at which point I can shoot it in the back.


I subsist entirely on the agricultural products of a meat bush. Metabolizing the meat gives me the energy I need to be creative.