2019-10-16: To supplement my “Mr. Breeches” translation, I’ve added some criticism of a different translation.

2019-10-13: New poems are available, including “Two Thirds of a Sonnet for Chase” and “Poem for Cameron and Felix”.

2019-10-04: Read my translation of the Chinese short story “Mr. Breeches”. It’s laugh-out-loud funny in any language!

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Computers and Games

Please enjoy Ryan Quest, my first video game and first text adventure.

See also: the bite-size game Fedoradventure; notes on the Inform 7 language (WIP); notes on IndieWeb Summit 2019; and this silly animation, which once landed me a date.

The Chinese Language

I post translations here. I’m trained as a linguist, and have studied Mandarin for nearly a decade. My favorite Chinese show is 《锵锵三人行》/ Behind the Headlines with Wentao.

The Arts

I enjoy writing poetry. I adore reading. I also collect links to projects and creators whose work I want to promote.

In August 2019, I kicked off the Sith Lord Challenge. Enter the Challenge by drawing and naming your own Sith Lord OC!

Finally, I write about 100,000 words per year in my journal – but that’s not for you.

Dungeons and Dragons

I’ve been DMing D&D groups on and off since I was in middle school. From 2016 to 2018, my most fertile period yet as a DM, I wrote the blog 21st Century D&D, cross-posting game rules and materials to the associated website.

I haven’t run a group since the mid-2018 collapse of a fledgling campaign, but I’m looking for players in Long Beach.