Welcome to my website. New here? Start either with the blog, which lists material chronologically, or with my favorites: “Mr. Breeches”; Sith Lord Challenge; Ryan Quest; My Poems.


I’m looking for work in entry-level backend engineering, or a research-y job with a technological twist. Please contact me if you have suggestions.

2020-01-29: Kicks Condor gave my website some love in his latest “Href Hunt.”


Upcoming: ongoing development of a D&D web application; my own implementations of IndieWeb technologies.


Upcoming: an article explaining/updating my bachelor’s thesis; my ongoing list of 儿化音 words; discussion of synonyms, antonyms, and duality in Chinese vocabulary; and perhaps a linguist’s working dictionary.

The Arts

Dungeons and Dragons

I’ve been DMing D&D groups on and off since I was young. From 2016 to 2018, I wrote the blog 21st Century D&D (representative post), with game rules and materials cross-posted to the main website.

Upcoming: moving material from 21st Century D&D to this website; game rule text which adapts to the capabilities of a logged-in player character.

Everything Else

For everything else, there’s the blog, and the catch-all Ideas page.