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Success Stories

Mingjiuzhou Electronics

Mingjiuzhou (MJZ) is a Chinese manufacturer of industrial lighting equipment.

Having invented energy-efficient lighting equipment and successfully sold it in China, MJZ was considering an expansion into the US. I managed bilingual communication between the Chinese founder/CEO, and an American engineer and entrepreneur hired to study MJZ’s products and counsel them on American marketing strategy.

Topics of translated discussions included electrical components, product selling points, hardware installation procedures, and energy efficiency.

Paper Republic

A 2020 tweet from @PaperRepublic: 'Many thanks to @maxwelljoslyn for helping Paper Republic write an automated ISBN lookup system to help populate our database of Chinese literature and translation! Why do data entry when computers can enter data for you? Gory details at:'

Paper Republic (PR) publishes and promotes Chinese literature in translation.

I helped Eric Abrahamsen, PR’s founder and lead engineer, research 3rd-party APIs for looking up bibliographic data given an ISBN. After narrowing the field to the top two API providers, Eric and I collaborated to integrate said APIs into a new feature for PR’s Python Django-based CMS. The new feature automatically fills out fields when users do book-related data entry.

Center for Spoken Language Understanding

As part of Oregon Health and Science University, CSLU researches cognitive disorders using computational linguistics.

During my time there, I worked on the Automated Voice-Based Assessment research team, which received $6M in federal funding to build state-of-the-art tools for autism diagnosis.

I led the team’s migration to REDCap, an industry-standard solution for long-term storage of clinical trial data. I also automated manual quality-control processes, and assisted the lead application developer with bug documentation and triage.

Reed College Chinese Department

Maxwell’s command of Mandarin is excellent.

Associate Professor Alexei Ditter, Reed College Chinese Dept.

Professors Alexei Ditter and Jing Jiang hired me to write teaching materials for their First-Year Chinese class. I created several months’ worth of lesson plans and slideshows which incorporated key vocabulary, grammar explanations, example sentences, and memorable imagery.

99 Chinese

99 Chinese is a China-based firm offering Mandarin tutoring to children and adults.

The owner hired me to perfect the website’s copy (not yet online.) After fulfilling that responsibility, I provided him with a Chinese-language report on the English errors I corrected.



Uncover is a volunteer organization which writes and publishes on both the COVID-19 crisis and cultural issues in the Sinosphere.

During the first several months of the COVID pandemic, I assisted Uncover with Chinese-English translation, as well as copy-editing and proofreading translations by non-native English speakers.

Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

It has been a pleasure working with Maxwell! I am very grateful for the progress he made on Dr. Cheung’s collection.

Veronica Vichit-Vadakan, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

OCOM trains students in the theory and practice of traditional Chinese medicine.

I assisted OCOM with the intake and cataloging of a Chinese-language collection donated at the bequest of Dr. Cheung. My duties were to translate and transcribe title/author/publisher metadata, research and summarize book contents, and proofread translations by non-native English speakers.