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My primary specialty is technical translation from Mandarin Chinese to English. In the past, I’ve also been responsible for news and literature translation, technical writing, editing and proofreading, and research support. Though I’m not a full-fledged software engineer, I have enough of a programming background to work effectively with developers and other technologists.


Maxwell’s command of Mandarin is excellent.

Associate Professor Alexei Ditter, Reed College Chinese Dept.
A 2020 tweet from @PaperRepublic: 'Many thanks to @maxwelljoslyn for helping Paper Republic write an automated ISBN lookup system to help populate our database of Chinese literature and translation! Why do data entry when computers can enter data for you? Gory details at:'

It has been a pleasure working with Maxwell! I am very grateful for the progress he made on Dr. Cheung’s collection.

Veronica Vichit-Vadakan, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

Success Stories

Mingjiuzhou Electronics

Mingjiuzhou is a Chinese lighting equipment manufacturer.

I facilitated written communication between American and Chinese engineers to inform decision making around Mingjiuzhou’s USA go-to-market strategy. This required translating to and from Mandarin on topics including electrical engineering, device manufacturing and transport, and customer acquisition.

Paper Republic

Paper Republic publishes and promotes Chinese literature in translation.

I researched 3rd-party API offerings for looking up bibliographic data by ISBN. After narrowing the field to the top two API providers, I collaborated with their lead developer on a Python library which integrated those APIs to suggest completions to users performing data entry.

Center for Spoken Language Understanding

As part of Oregon Health and Science University, CSLU researches cognitive disorders using computational linguistics. During my time there, I worked on the Automated Voice-Based Assessment research team, which received $6M in federal funding to build state-of-the-art tools for autism diagnosis.

My contributions included automating away 80% of manual quality-control labor, leading the rollout of REDCap for long-term data storage, cutting REDCap schema development time from 12 months to 2 with scripted text processing, modifying experimental stimuli to improve test-subject protocol compliance, and assisting the lead application developer with bug documentation and triage.

Reed College Chinese Department

To help Professors Ditter and Jiang make their First-Year Chinese class a success, I created months’ worth of classroom-ready lesson plans and PowerPoint slideshows incorporating key vocabulary, grammar explanations, example sentences, and memorable imagery.

99 Chinese

99 Chinese offers language tutoring to children and adults.

I rewrote their website copy (not yet online) in 100% native English. Afterwards, I helped the owners ensure the quality of further English copywriting by preparing a Chinese-language report on the errors I found and the repair strategies I employed.


Uncover reports on the COVID-19 crisis and Sinosphere cultural issues, publishing both Chinese originals and English translations.

During the first several months of the COVID pandemic, I volunteered my time to assist Uncover with Chinese-English translation, as well as copy editing and proofreading of others’ translations.

Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

OCOM trains students in the theory and practice of traditional Chinese medicine.

I assisted OCOM with intake and cataloging of a bequeathed Chinese-language collection. My duties included translating and transcribing title, author, and publisher metadata; researching and summarizing book contents; and proofreading non-native speakers’ English translations. I processed 86 books, on topics including history of medicine, acupuncture, public health, and folk remedies.

Private Clients

I’ve created personal portfolio websites for a small number of private clients, focusing on mobile-friendly CSS and easy navigation. To minimize semi-technical clients’ editing burden, these static sites are produced from Markdown files via a one-click build script, using widely-available rendering tools.