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Success Stories

Paper Republic

A 2020 tweet from @PaperRepublic: 'Many thanks to @maxwelljoslyn for helping Paper Republic write an automated ISBN lookup system to help populate our database of Chinese literature and translation! Why do data entry when computers can enter data for you? Gory details at:'
Pictured: a happy client. We’re doing more work together. (Here’s the ISBN Resources page.)

Paper Republic is a digital publisher of translated literature. I’m helping them research, design, and develop Python software to increase Paper Republic’s value to readers with new website features.

Center for Spoken Language Understanding

CSLU researches cognitive disorders using the techniques of computational linguistics. Working for them full-time, I reduced quality-control manual labor by 80%, developed an electronic health record schema in 2 person-months instead of the estimated 12, and scripted image-manipulation software which improved test-subject attention to experimental stimuli.

Reed College Chinese Department

Maxwell’s command of Mandarin is excellent.

Associate Professor Alexei Ditter

Reed’s Chinese Department offers students a world-class education in Chinese literature. I helped Professors Ditter and Jiang make their First-Year Chinese class a success by creating months of classroom-ready lesson plans and PowerPoint slideshows incorporating key vocabulary, grammar explanations, example sentences, and memorable imagery.